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Marker 2005 Hollywood Movie Watch Online
Marker 2005 Hollywood Movie Watch Online Informations :

Director : John Paizs
Writer : Anthony Grieco
Genres : Fantasy
Cast : Iris Graham, Jonathan Cherry, Philip Granger, Eric Johnson, Sonja Bennett, Hardee T. Lineham, Susan Hogan, Robert Seckler, Paul Lukaitis, Gavin Buhr, Chelah Horsdal, Link Baker, Emma Karwandy, Lisa Skinner, Hawk Younkins
Story : In an isolated small town in the Pacific Northwest, Sylvia's teenaged life of juggling two boyfriends and an overprotective father is turned upside down when she discovers she has a bizarre virus which has randomly plagued the women in her community for decades and shamefully forced those afflicted into hiding. Sylvia undergoes a horrifying physical transformation, and she finds herself drawn into a persecuted underworld where she begins an astonishing journey of freakish self-discovery. Marker is a classic coming-of-age tale with a horror twist, which pits its heroine against her oppressors - the town's non-afflicted - in a battle for self-determination--and survival.
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